Organizations of any size recognize the risks involved with management of change. Any project creates a change to the organization either in technology or business process or more commonly both, that needs to be carefully managed.

Management of change requires the use of professional project management skills ensuring a successfully controlled outcome.

Digital Axis utilizes various different Project Management methodologies to ensure a structured method for effective and successful project delivery.

Digital Axis’s project managers are experts in the field of project management and they bring to bear their extensive experience to provide consistent execution on time and on budget ensuring high client satisfaction.

Digital Axis is unique in our portfolio arena because every client engagement combines the strengths of Digital Axis's technical prowess and scalable project management to provide the best and most cost effective solution for our clients.

Digital Axis’s consistent approach to project management ensures all of its projects will follow the same steps and use the same project templates. Digital Axis combines the best of the technical and management disciplines to provide consistent, repeatable client cost effective solutions.

Business Process Reengineering
Software Solutions
Managed Services
Network Engineering
Project Management


  Project Management
Project Planning
Development of Work
  Breakdown Structure
Project Organization
Integrated Master Plan
Integrated Master Schedule
Cost Management
Subcontract Management
Statement of Work development
Risk Management
Risk Assesment
Risk Handling
Risk Monitoring